Quality assurance is an important part whether from selecting of raw materials to dispatching of finish goods. Quality control start from procurement of raw materials with ensures the uncompromised quality during selecting of materials by our well experienced team. The production process starts with selected raw materials after passes from our testing. An innovative technique with control atmosphere and less human interference facility during process of washing, slicing, imperial drying, hot drying, cold drying, grading, sorting, metal detecting, impurities detecting, quality testing, weight scaling, sealing and packing with selected natural, food grade and strong packing materials to make sure that the final user and a bit of product match the exact requirement.

Our frozen products are 100% natural, fresh and pure with no synthetic colour and any kind of preservative. Offering aromatic, tasty and nutritive products, we have been unmatched flavour to varied cuisines of the global market.

We guarantee a traditional natural taste in a healthy form. To achieve this, we use hi-tech IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) machines and Blast Freezers. This process freezes the food in such a way that each individual piece of food is frozen separately from all the others. During this process, no chemical additives or preservatives are added, thus the products are as natural and healthy as farm picked.

Well equipped with state-of-the-art and hygienic production facilities

  • • Strict quality control unit
  • • Modern R&D facilities
  • • Safe and fresh products in quality packaging
  • • In house quality testing lab for chemical, microbiological as well as analytical services
  • • No flavour /colour loss during processing
  • • Well equipped and temperature controlled warehouses